Monthly Archives: November 2011

What are the Rayalseema Diaries?

This blog was triggered by the challenges in the daily life of a goatherd. This is a community that was wiped off the face of “mainstream” rural India with the stroke of a colonial legislation. A legislation that entrenched a deep-rooted belief in society – educated and uneducated alike – that goatherding as a livelihood must be eradicated if the forests of this country are to be saved! When the Forest Rights Act, 2006 was enacted, a ray of hope appeared in the horizon for goatherds….BUT paens have been written on the challenges of implementing this legislation and once again goatherds are being targeted.

Of course, given the inextricable link of goatherds with pastures, forests and other commons this blog will meander into all these areas…..”the Moving Finger writes” and having been unsheathed will ramble about the  pleasures and challenges of living and working among pastoralists, farmers and of course the very urban community – the Rishi Valley Education Centre – in land that is ancient, strewn with rocks and formations that are over a billion years old and livelihoods that can be traced to the earliest modes of existence……land that has been shaped by water which is the most precious resource in this part of the Rayalseema region.

I started writing the blog as a diary of the goatherd and the goat (calling them the subaltern) living at one end of the Rayalseema region. As the blog evolved there were several other stories that needed to be told which were not voices of only the subaltern…..but rather slices of life and more so my perspectives of life in the area I call home for the moment.