This blog started as a space to share the the lives and times of communities in a rural corner of the ancient Mysore plateau. A space from which to communicate ideas on real development generated by the people of this land that can bring some sanity into the Indian “development circus”! All things must evolve with time and experience and so must this blog. Geographically it will move between the semi-arid landscape of Rayalaseema and the lush, tropical landscape of Goa. It politics will continue to be around social justice, ecological justice, democracy, plurality of knowledge systems and the strength of the collective. A very ambitious thought no doubt but as I say – aim for the stars, at least you will reach the moon!


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  • ISDI

    Dear Dr. Gopalan,

    I am a current student at Duke University and I alone with a few of my peers are working on starting up a crowdfunding platform for rural development projects in India. As part of this effort, we’re also launching a blog in a few short weeks to share a variety of perspectives on rural development.

    We recently came across your personal blog and we absolutely fell in love with your work and writing. We’re hard-pressed to find others who can discuss these issues with your depth and tenacity. With your full permission, we were hoping to repost some of your articles on our blog with your byline, a link to your blog, and any other acknowledgements you wish to receive.

    Once again, our venture is not for any personal gain. We’re simply a group of students trying to open up a dialogue on some of the most pressing issues of our generation in India and in that process incite action. Our site would simply be another space for you to share your thoughts and could potentially drive traffic to your own blog.

    Please email us at community@isdindia.org to let us know of your thoughts and if you are interested in collaborating with us for any other ventures.

    In the meantime, you may be interested in checking out our Facebook page (facebook.com/isdindia) which includes updates from our on-going rural development projects.

    Best Regards,

    The ISDI Team

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